Myhill, Debra: Grammar matters


Dienstag, 20.9.2016

10:15-11:00 Uhr

Debra Myhill (University of Exeter, UK) Grammar matters


Debra Myhill ist eine international führende Expertin im Bereich des sprachlichen Lernens. Eine 2012 von ihr publizierte empirische Studie hat den Blick auf den Zusammenhang von Grammatikunterricht und Ausbau von Schreibfähigkeiten tiefgreifend verändert.

This presentation will consider the role that grammar can make in developing young writers' metalinguistic understanding of the demands of writing. Drawing on a series of studies at the University of Exeter, it will argue that transforming how we think about grammar within the first language classroom can improve student attainment in writing. Theoretically, the research at Exeter has adopted a Hallidayan view of grammar as a resource for meaning-making, and in writing therefore it becomes a tool for exploring choice and authorial intention. Thus, we are not concerned with attitudes to grammar which focus on accuracy and rule compliance, but on a pedagogical approach to grammar which introduces grammar at a relevant point in the instructional cycle and opens up students' awareness of the repertoire of possibilities available to them. The presentation will also highlight the importance of teachers' grammatical subject knowledge in implementing this approach.


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